Finnish-made, additive-free soft drinks

Soft drinks made without any added flavors or colors. Not even concentrate. The taste and color come from real, Finland-grown berries. Flavors include black currant, blueberry, red currant, lingonberry, and cranberry. Each bottle is made with 10% real juice, not from concentrate.

just like old-school soda pop

No artificial flavorings. Honkajoen Panimo soft drinks are sweetened with real sugar. There is less sugar in our drinks than in conventional soda, but it’s just enough. That’s why Honkajoen Panimo soft drinks are a favorite of both children and adults. Taste the satisfyingly sweet, berry-flavored soft drinks and see for yourself! Which one is your favorite?

Possu Black Currant Soft Drink

Black currant-flavored soft drink to quench your thirst.
Contains pure black currant juice.

Mursu Blueberry Soft Drink

Blueberry-flavored soft drink for those chill moments.
Contains pure blueberry juice.

Kissa Red Currant Soft Drink

Red currant-flavored soft drink is the cat’s meow.
Contains pure red currant juice.

Pöllö Lingonberry Soft Drink

Lingonberry-flavored soft drink for putting your thinking cap on.
Contains pure lingonberry juice.

Jääkarhu Cranberry Soft Drink

Cranberry-flavored soft drink that packs a powerful punch.
Contains pure cranberry juice.

Kissa Red Currant Juice

Red currant-flavored juice is the cat’s meow.
Contains pure red currant juice.

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